We Buy Cars in Jersey City at Hudson Toyota

Drivers can sell their cars for cash or trade-in here at Hudson Toyota. We buy cars and are always on the lookout for new additions to our used inventory. You can sell your car for cash whether or not you ultimately buy from our store. We encourage you to use our online Kelley Blue Book form for an instant cash value. After an in-person appraisal, we can issue you a check or apply your trade to a new deal. Trading or selling are both great ways to avoid further service issues and upgrade to something new. Sell us your car today and visit Hudson Toyota in Jersey City to learn more. We are conveniently less than 20 miles outside of Manhattan, NYC using I-95 S.

How to Use our Kelley Blue Book Form

  • Use dropdown menus to enter in pertinent details about your trade (year, make, model). You will also need its current odometer mileage and your zip code.
  • The form will fill in your standard features based on the year/trim of your car. Make sure you specify if any additional features were added after purchase
  • Select your vehicle's current condition between ratings of Excellent, Good, Very Good, and Fair. Condition is based on the amount of cosmetic blemishes and mechanical issues the vehicle may have.
  • Pride us with your contact information and, if relevant, when you plan on purchasing your next vehicle

After you submit this information, the KBB form will giver you an instant cash value in minutes. Your trade-in value is based on current marketing and automatic trends, as well as its condition. Typically, the newer or more unique your vehicle is, the more you can get for it. Cars that are popular on today's market will also fetch you a higher appraisal value.

Selling vs Trading in Your Old Car

Benefits of Selling

The biggest benefit of selling us your car is that you do not have to buy from our store. After an in-person appraisal, our team can cut you a check for your trade's KBB value. If you have immediate expenses that need resolving, this trade value can be a big help. If you plan on buying a car, here or elsewhere, you can use your trade-in as a down payment. Selling to our dealership takes all the hassle, haggling, and undercutting out of selling to private buyers.

Benefits of Trading

Trading-in your car is an excellent way to save on your next deal. Depending on its value, North Bergen customers might be pleasantly surprised at how much they can save. Trading-in to Hudson Toyota is convenient as well, thanks to the Penske Preferred Purchase. With our online system, you can  complete the buying process as you shop from home. Trading into a dealership like ours also lets you save on taxes. Generally, most states tax the difference between trade value and new car price. This difference makes the tax rate deducted from your trade value much lower.

Start Online with the Penske Preferred Purchase

We encourage you to start your deal online using our handy online system. The Penske Preferred Purchase system allows you to buy online from your home in Elizabeth, NJ. Use the system to calculate your monthly payments, get approved for financing, and calculate taxes. You can apply your KBB instant cash value as well to see how much you will save.

We invite you to sell your car for cash today and visit Hudson Toyota to learn more. Get your KBB instant cash offer online and visit us in Jersey City, NJ. We look forward to working with you!

Any number you see online is usually a ballpark estimate and not an exact buy figure. After we appraise your vehicle, we will give you a no-haggle price to purchase your vehicle on the spot.

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